MK Anisko (Mariusz Krzysztof Aniśko) is a contemporary artist who was born in Poland in 1980 and currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom. MK Anisko pursued studies in fine art painting and linguistics. He received his M.F.A. in 2014. His works explore the relationship between music and visual arts as well as complex human nature. His paintings are known for their expressive, gestural style, bold use of color, and incorporation of figurative and abstract elements. Anisko's paintings often feature distorted or fragmented forms, such as faces, bodies, or other organic shapes, which are blended and overlaid with bold brushstrokes and dynamic patterns. He uses a variety of techniques, such as layering, glazing, and impasto, to create depth and texture in his paintings. He is also a performing musician, guitarist, notably for What About Chad and Krzyż Kross.
The Back Room, McMillan Fine Art Gallery, London, UK, 2022
Cafe Belg, Częstochowa, PL, 2017
Studio Spaces E1 Pancakes and Booze, London, UK, 2016
Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK, 2015
Gaude Matter, Częstochowa, PL, 2015
Bar Gallery, London, UK, 2015
Art With A Heart, Manchester, UK, 2015
Gallery Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, PL, 2014
Gallery Strefart, Tychy, PL, 2014
Gallery Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, PL, 2013
Centrum Promocji Młodych, Litografia 2, Częstochowa, PL, 2013
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